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Dugout FC - The ultimate fantasy football experience

Dugout FC is back for another fantastic season of fantasy football for the English Premier League, if you didn’t play last year then you missed a treat!  You get all the thrills and spills of your run of the mill fantasy football game, with some much needed sugar and spice provided by its draft format.


If you fondly remember games where nobody but you could own Premier League goal machines such as Alan Shearer or Thierry Henry, then Dugout FC should provide you with some fuzzy warm nostalgia.


Dugout FC also boasts one of the most sophisticated platforms in fantasy football available on web and mobile.  You and your mates compete to land Premier League superstars at the start of the season in your league’s live draft.  During the season, login to the Matchday Hub where you can watch your fantasy team compete live and in real time to score the most fantasy points.  Dugout FC’s scoring model is powered by Opta’s most comprehensive live data feed and your team scores points for more than just goals and assists.  We track player performance in 40 different categories so even if this season’s Makelele doesn’t get on scoresheet much, he’s still going to grab some points in Dugout FC as well as a getting the nod from the pundits.

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